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 Oregon elk hunting 6x6 bullAs professional backcountry hunters and outfitters, Oregon hunting guides Jeff Zennie and Jim Fagan, owners/operators of Blackhawk  Outfitters LLC, takes personal pride in our reputation for offering spectacular  Oregon elk hunting, deer hunting, and bear hunting. We provide our clients with priceless, lifetime memories. From  monster mule deer hunting in the high desert to  majestic Rocky Mtn. elk  hunting through forests and meadowlands, Blackhawk  Outfitters provides elusive passage into the ultimate outdoor experience! Oregon mule deer huntingRifle, muzzleloader, and archery hunting are available.  You have your choice of a guided hunt or drop camp, both with guaranteed tags! 

Dwight Schuh, world renowned archery hunter and editor of Bowhunter Magazine writes, "Jeff set up a good camp, fed me well, helped me find plenty of deer, and went above and beyond to make my hunt a success.  Jeff is a hard worker, knowledgeable hunter, and fun guy to be with.  I look forward to hunting with Jeff again."  Dwight  archery hunted mule deer  with us on  Hart Mountain Refuge, one of the most sought after trophy mule deer archery hunting units throughout the West.  This hunt and other mule deer hunts have been featured in Bowhunter Magazine.

Jeff and Jim love to hunt, and have spent 4 months each year since 1978 in the field improving their archery hunting and rifle hunting skills. Their  sportsman's guide expertise, knowledge of big game and various hunting techniques in different habitat types, and Jeff's expert cow elk calling and award winning bull elk bugling skills, combined with the use of premium optics and equipment, put the odds in your favor of harvesting your trophy animal.    Our hard working Oregon hunting guides are dedicated to making your hunt a success!

boone and crockett bullsWe begin prescouting prior to the August archery elk and mule deer hunting season. Our archery hunts coexist within the control rifle hunt areas; therefore maximizing the opportunity to locate, pattern, and harvest the premium game a unit has to offer. We are permitted to guide numerous  controlled elk and mule deer hunts on public lands throughout Oregon. You will be elk hunting and mule deer hunting handpicked, geographically large control hunt units having some of the lowest tag numbers offered by the state.  Our clients enjoy high success ratios and harvest trophy elk and mule deer each year. elk hunting in Oregon


 If you are interested in a 2016 hunt, please call or text 541-469-9003 and we will be in touch shortly. Only nonresidents can purchase these guaranteed outfitter tags. The number of nonresident elk and deer tags are limited and sell out quickly; therefore, it is important to book early.  Once you decide on a hunt,  Blackhawk  Outfitters,LLC, will purchase your tag from ODFW after you complete a client info and proof of nonresidency form.  A photocopy of your drivers' license will be required.  Outfitters receive 50% of the 5% maximum control hunt tags issued to nonresidents in a tag draw prior to the general public drawing.  

oregon 3x4 mule deerGame extraction from the field to the freezer is done in a quick, efficient, professional manner. We are experts in  field meat processing and caping trophy heads and body capes.

HUNTING CAMP INFO:hunting camp
Our comfortable camp facilities consist of well maintained tents made of high tech materials and ranging in length from 15-24 feet equipped  with wood burning camp stoves and cots. Each tent is covered with a sturdy awning to repel rain and snow.  A separate cook tent, complete with stoves and lanterns, is designed to meet your dining needs.  Food provisions are agreed upon in advance. Expect a fully equipped campsite that offers comfort and security, able to meet any obvious or unpredictable need that may arise in the field. The use of spike camps offers flexibility in dealing with changing weather and game patterns.

HUNTING LODGE INFO:oregon hunting lodge
Our big game operation is based out of our hunting lodge located approximately 20 miles east of John Day, OR. This strategic location permits quick access to the majority of our control hunt units. Travel time is as short as 10-15 minutes!
    Our lodge features a large outfitter living quarters and 14 kitchenette units complete withelk hunting lodge showers, cooking stoves and refrigerators. The rooms vary in size and can accommodate  from 3-12 hunters comfortably.  Three units feature double rooms that can sleep 11-12 people.  There is a large paved parking area easily equipped to handle full occupancy and ATV or travel trailers. Hunters have access to our large shop/barn to hang game and process meat.
   outfitter guide lodge     We conduct guided hunts and supervised self-guided hunts from the lodge. We provide information on historical and possible game location, game movement, and detailed topographic maps with information relevant to your hunt. We meet with each client to go over hunt logistics and answer any questions. Depending on circumstances, we try to have at least one outfitter guide at the lodge in the evenings to provide additional assistance to increase your odds of a successful hunt.


 Drop camps range from $800.00 to $2000.00/client and may be eligible for a discount depending on number of hunters in the party.  Guided Oregon elk and mule deer  hunt prices vary and are dictated by tag availability, number of hunters, length of hunt, and physical difficulty. Archery hunts run 6 days, rifle hunts 5 days. If a season runs longer than 5 day, additional days can be agreed upon prior to booking.  Guaranteed Outfitter Tag Fees are set by ODFW. 


 General Archery Elk/Deer

 Aug 27-Sept 25

One Elk/Deer


Nonresident Hunting License

$  160.50

Control Deer Rifle


One Buck w/Visible Antler


Outfitter/Guide Nonresident Deer Tag


Control Elk Muzzleloader

Oct 15-Oct 23

One Elk


Outfitter/Guide Nonresident Elk Tag


Control Elk Rifle 1st season

Oct 26-Oct 30

One Bull


General Nonresident Deer Tag


Control Elk Rifle 2nd season

Nov 5-Nov 13

One Elk


Gen. Nonresident Elk Tag


Control Cow Elk Nov 14-Nov 22 One Cow      


* Clients must provide proof of nonresidence, sign purchase agreement contract & liability waiver.
* 50% nonrefundable deposit on agreed hunt price (minimum $500.00) plus license and tag price due within 7 days of booking.
* License and nontransferable/nonrefundable tag are purchased with allotted funds by Blackhawk Outfitters LLC.
* Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive a booking confirmation, account summary and gear list.      
* Balance due 60 days prior to hunt date.
* Oregon Code requires us to carry a surety bond on client deposits over $100.

Blackhawk Outfitters LLC, takes pride in offering you excellent opportunities for quality elk hunting and mule deer hunting in Oregon!

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